Abstract submission

Abstract submission is open until October 26, 2017!

Authors guidelines

Online abstract submission

Call for abstracts

Authors guidelines

Abstract guidelines

The abstracts (one A4 page) must be written in English, and should provide the objective of the of the study, the methods used and the major results.

Please submit your abstract(s) using the WasteEng template. This template contains some WasteEng styles embedded in the file, and dedicated to the appropriate sections. You will be able to modify only the highlighted text referring to:

– Title of the paper

– Surnames and first names of the co-author(s)

– Affiliation, City and Country of the co-author(s)

– Email and telephone of the corresponding author

– Text of the abstract, labels of the figures, tables and equations

– Reference list (please provide at least one reference)

We invite you to carefully follow the instruction provided in the template. Please contact us if you have any concern or request.

Specifications for the electronic file format

The abstract must be submitted as a word as well as a PDF files, and only A4 page size is accepted. Scanned PDF files are not accepted.

The PDF file must be created using a PDF distiller, all fonts must be embedded. The file must neither contain any form of security, nor bookmarks, nor links, nor multiple files in a single PDF file.

Please note that your files must not exceed 3MB.


 Presentation Possibilities

You can choose among the following presentation options.

  • Oral presentation: standard oral.
  • Oral Flash + Poster presentation: Short talk (<5 min) with no questions + Standard poster presentation (full time exposition.)
  • Poster presentation: A0 poster presentation. Full time exposition.
  • Any: if you have no preference, you can choose « Any ».



Online abstract submission

Identification (create an account)

In order to submit your abstract, you have to be identified on the WasteEng2018 website.

– If you are already identified, you have received your personal access code by email.

– If you are not identified, please click on the « New » button and fill in your personal details.

The « Submission » button in your personal homepage allows you to:

– Submit an abstract

– View your uploaded files

– Modify a submission

– Modify or delete a co-author

– Modify the row of a co-author in the list.

Online abstracts submission and modification(s)

Please use the following submission password to continue the process: S171030M.

All submissions must be made in both word and PDF formats. Abstracts sent by email will not be accepted.

You will receive a confirmation of your submission by email.

If you are submitting multiple papers, you only need to create a single account online. Please use the same account and access code for any additional submission.

If you need to edit any author information or amend some of your abstract information, it will be possible until the submission deadline. Please use the unique web account you created during your first submission.


Call for abstracts